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tado Smart AC Control, finally control the Air Conditioning with HomeKit

One of the elements of any home that can take advantage of the advantages of integration into a demotic platform is, without a doubt, air conditioning. Use by voice commands, routines and environments, the advantages of using mobile applications, remote control and a long etcetera that go far beyond the functions that conventional control commands can perform.

tadoº has long since opted for this type of control for air conditioning systems, and The new version of your Smart AC control (V3 +) now also has the expected compatibility with HomeKit. We have tested this new control system for air conditioners and we will show you below.


It is a small, light and minimalist accessory that you can place anywhere in the house. If low weight (73 grams) does not need to drill to put it on the wall, and with two adhesives that are included in the box you can hold it on any smooth surface without damaging it. It has a square design (10 × 10 cm) matt white, breaking its surface with the minimum window that is used for infrared control and that crosses from side to side.

The screen is generally turned off, and consists of white LEDs that light up when you touch the front surface, being able to control the options in a tactile way, without physical buttons. It does not have any type of battery, so it must always be connected to a plug using the microUSB cable (1.85 meters) and the plug adapter included in the box. If the plug is removed, you can use any standard microUSB cable with the length you need.

The connection is made through the home WiFi network, being compatible with b / g / n 2.4GHz networks. This connection allows you to place it anywhere in the house that has WiFi coverage, without the need for bridges of any kind. The only requirement you need is to have direct vision of the air conditioning machine so that the orders issued by infrared arrive without problems. Wherever your conventional control command works, you can place the tadoº Smart AC V3 + controller.

HomeKit support is the one that we are going to analyze in our blog, but we cannot forget that It is also compatible with IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With tadoº all home automation platforms are included, in addition to its application that is available for iOS and Android. Some brands force you to choose, tadoº is right to give you all the options available.

Installation and configuration

In the video that heads the article you can see the whole configuration process that includes the connection with the controller, give you access to our WiFi network and include it in HomeKit. You can also see how it is configured to be compatible with our air conditioning machine. The compatibility is huge, with a long list of compatible brands and models, but if you had the bad luck that your machine was not compatible, you can always teach the instructions of your control command, a long but effective process.

The entire procedure is performed following the detailed instructions of the application all that you can download for free from the App Store (link) and that is also the one used for the heating control system of the brand that we also analyze in our blog. TAll the procedure is in Spanish, so there won't be the slightest problem so that your air is linked to the Smart AC Control V3 + in a few minutes.

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The tadoº application allows you to use your iPhone as a conventional remote control if you wish. You have available all the controls that you can handle on your normal control, including fan speed, temperature, choosing between cold or heat … But without a doubt the most interesting It is what it offers you in terms of advanced controls, something that no remote control can match.

Different intelligent programming for when you are at home or when you are away from it, differences between days … the options offered by the tadoº application are many, and best of all, it is a very intuitive control that does not require great knowledge, much Easier to operate than any conventional remote control programmer. With all this control system It is much easier to manage your air conditioner more efficiently, which means saving on the electricity bill, and that is always good news.

The compatibility with HomeKit is a plus that many of us had been waiting for a long time, and that has finally arrived. This means that you can control your air conditioning by voice from your iPhone, iPad, Appel Watch and HomePod. Entering home and telling your HomePod to turn on the air conditioner while changing clothes is now a reality, or control the temperature from the sofa without having to look for the control knob that is always lost between the cushions. We can also use the Home application to control it with the new interface that iOS 13 offers us and that you can see in the images.