So we can connect two AirPods to a single iPhone with iOS 13

So we can connect two AirPods to a single iPhone with iOS 13

We are still testing iOS 13 and we continue to be surprised with its capabilities, the last one is the possibility already announced during the WWDC to be able to listen to two AirPods with a single audio source, a functionality that we just did not understand why it did not arrive before if the necessary devices are fully capable of it .

Be that as it may, in Actualidad iPhone we always bring you the latest in tutorials, and those of iOS 13 are being the most common in recent days. Stay with us and discover how you can connect two AirPods to a single iPhone in the easiest way you would have ever imagined.

I recommend you hopelessly that you see the video that we have recently uploaded to the Todo Apple channel, in which are the news of SoyDeMac and iPhone News, because it is always much better to see on video how it works than to read it. These are the two mechanisms to achieve it:

  • If we have the AirPods user added to the contacts calendar: Well, in this case, just open our partner's AirPods near our iPhone and it will appear on the AirPlay menu, and simply when we start playing music on our AirPods we go to Control Center> AirPlay and press to select the other AirPods. Both will connect automatically.
  • Manual mode: If the above mode is giving you problems for anything, simply press the “reset” button of your friend's AirPods and synchronize them also on your iPhone. In that case you will have both connected and you can do what we have indicated above without any problem.

Once connected we will be able to manage the volume level individually for each of the AirPods, but also in conjunction with a new menu from the bottom. What we can not use is AirPods and speakers at the same time.

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