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Quality and autonomy are priced

Apple did not launch the first Bluetooth headphones, not even the first ?True Wireless? headphones, but its AirPods have undoubtedly been a success that has set a trend, flooding the streets and causing the competition to rush to launch its wireless headset model, some even copying it blatantly.

A year and a half after the original AirPods, Apple launches another new model under the Beats brand, and in this case it is addressed to a different type of user. Powerbeats Pro are not improved AirPods, they are not what AirPods should have been, they are headphones with their own entity, which may convince many AirPods skeptics, but may cause others to look at the AirPods with better eyes. We have them and we tell you our impressions.

Design and specifications

It is easy to fall in comparison with the AirPods, and also almost forced. They share a good number of specifications, such as the fantastic H1 chip released by the new AirPods models launched this 2019 and that is responsible for linking our headphones with an Apple product is magical. Yes, indeed, these Powerbeats Pro share synchronization between devices: you link it on your iPhone and they are already linked on all devices with your same iCloud account.

That same H1 chip is what allows us to invoke Siri without having to touch anything, simply by saying ?hey Siri? we can give instructions to Apple's virtual assistant. But in these headphones it will be less necessary than in the AirPods, because they have physical controls. Both headphones have the same buttons, and the same functions on both, which unfortunately are not personalized.

Where is the Beats logo, we have a physical button to control playback or pick up a call. One press to start or pause playback, two presses to advance and three to rewind. If we keep it pressed we can also invoke Siri, if we don't want to use the vocal instructions. At the top we have the volume control buttons. They appreciate that the buttons are physical, more comfortable to handle when we are exercising. Touching or sliding your finger when we run is not easy, much better a press.

The shape of the headphones is specifically designed to fit your ear and be perfectly fixed, without the possibility of moving or falling practically doing any sport. The hooks that adapt to the ear are adaptable, and of a very comfortable flexible material. They also have some silicone pieces that adapt to your ear canal, thus sealing and improving the sound you hear. They include four complete games so you can find the ones that best suits your ear.

They are resistant to sweat and water, although not submersible. This means that you should not be afraid of being spoiled by sweating a lot while you exercise, or because it rains while you use them in the street. Another important difference with respect to AirPods, which do not have any type of certification in this regard.

The headphones are accompanied by a transport and charging box that impresses by large. Accustomed to the minimum AirPods case that fits in any pocket no matter how tight your pants are, this Powerbeats Pro case is too large for almost any pocket. The box is necessary for the link with new devices, and also gives greater autonomy to the headphones. Otherwise it is very solid, discreet and stays closed magnetically. The headphones are recharged inside, and are magnetically fixed so that they do not move inside the box. It is recharged using the lightning connector on the back, thanks to the cable included in the box (yes, don't forget it). No wireless charging, unforgivable.

The headphones have a range of 9 hours of continuous use. I think it is impossible to verify if it is true, because being 9 hours with headphones is very complicated, but knowing how Apple talks about its batteries, if the 9 hours are not met, it will be at least 8 hours with total security. With the box we can offer more than two full loads, with a total of more than 24 hours of autonomy together. The front led of the box indicates the remaining battery, something that we can see in more detail in our iOS device when opening the box. By the way, if you run out of battery, with only five minutes in the box you will have up to 90 minutes of autonomy in the headphones.

Very comfortable and great sound

The hook that fixes them to your ear and the silicone pieces that fit your ear canal make them perfectly adapted and sealed, which makes them very comfortable to wear. On the one hand you should not be afraid of them falling, and neither do they move, something really awkward when it comes to in-ear headphones because it causes very annoying noises. I'm not a big fan of the "in-ear" because I usually get tired of wearing them, they end up bothering me, but in the case of the Powerbeats after several hours I don't have that feeling.

This seal that causes the silicone of the headset isolates enough noise from the outside, which contributes to its sound output being greater than that of the AirPods. It is not a noise cancellation, nor a complete isolation that would be dangerous for outdoor use, but enough insulation to enjoy the sound without outside interference. Using the AirPods in a noisy gym or in the subway means raising the volume almost to the maximum, this will not happen with the Powerbeats Pro.

In addition the sound is undoubtedly better. There is no doubt here, you can notice much more nuances in the music you listen to than with the AirPods, and also with a much larger volume. Are the basses somewhat exaggerated? That is house brand in Beats, it is taken for granted. The sound is very good, although if you have already heard some Beats and have not been convinced by the sound they offer, do not waste time trying these, because they are Beats.

Editor's Opinion

Sharing many of the specifications of the new AirPods, such as its H1 processor, the Powerbeats Pro have little else in common with them. Bigger, better sound, physical buttons, adaptable to any ear, a unique autonomy in its category, water and sweat resistance and with some degree of noise isolation, the Powerbeats Pro respond to what many users had been asking for a long time. In return you have a transport and cargo box that is too large for a pocket, and that is intended to go in the gym bag or backpack. Its price is ? 249 on Amazon, ? 70 more than the new AirPods without wireless charging. Does it make up the difference? If all the specifications listed above are important to you, surely.

Powerbeats Pro

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? 249