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'Pokmon Masters' is the next Pokmon adventure for mobiles with real-time fighting and we already have the first trailer

'Pokmon Go' arrived in the middle of summer, just when many take the opportunity to have rest days and have more time for leisure, with which many users took to the streets to hunt beings of augmented reality becoming a great phenomenon. Maybe looking again for that golden egg hen now announce 'Pokmon Masters', a new mobile adventure of the Pokmon Universe of which we already know something else.

It is a strategic fighting game that will be launched worldwide this summer for Android and iOS devices. In this case, players can participate in three-time battles in real time, teaming up with other Pokmon coaches.

A new scenario with new conditions

This is a launch of DeNA, a company that has previously worked on Nintendo games such as 'Super Mario Run' or 'Fire Emblem: Heroes' along with The Pokmon Company, being this their first foray into the Pikachu universe and company. For now, what we can see is a first trailer, which mixes the history of this game with some explanations of what we can find.

We have a new location, Passio Island, where Pokmon trainers from all over the world meet to compete with each other and there are a few rules for different fights. In addition, the link between the Pokmon and its coach reaches new levels thanks to the "compis couples", formed by a coach and his partner Pokmon.

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In this way, it is the first time that in a game of Pokmon coaches from all regions meet in the same place and form pairs of compis with their Pokmon. There will be 65 pairs of compis available to recruit at the time of launching the game, adding more as time goes by.

The game mechanics develop as players progress through history and explore the island of Passio. That way, as new friendships are made, they can compose teams of three pairs of compis and fight against rival teams (controlled by artificial intelligence) to win the World Pokmon Masters World Tour.

Pokemon Master Passio The island of Passio.

In these bouts of three to three couples attacks can be launched simultaneously and coaches can use both movements and objects that improve the characteristics of the Pokmon during them. In addition, apart from normal movements, each pair of compis has a very powerful attack known as "compi movement".

Pokemon Masters Fights

During the course of the fighting the players will have to attend to the movement bar, which is filling over time so that it can be used at certain times. That is why it is strategic fighting, since the player will have to lead the team while planning how to use the movements at key moments.

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Attentive in the coming weeks

The people of DeNA know that talking about Pokmon is talking about fans and expectation and for now they are playing the card of hype. They have saved the specific date of the premiere in the Pokeball, but at least they have ensured that its worldwide launch is planned for this summer, be compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be played in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese.

Pokemon Masters Trainers

We will be attentive to announce the final date and all the details that remain to be known. And above all to play it and see how much this new installment puts us to the test.

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