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OPPO shows its latest attempt to achieve the "infinite screen" with Waterfall, a new record-breaking panel

OPPO shows its latest attempt to achieve the "infinite screen" with Waterfall, a new record-breaking panel

OPPO, like some of the other major mobile manufacturers, usually shows small advances in the technologies or functions in which they work, especially if they are colorful. They did it with the zoom (which we didn't see until months later in the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom) and they do it again with the new Waterfall screen, with some characteristic curves looking for maximum use of the front.

A new panel that shows in a prototype, showing that new curvature of about 88 degrees promises to give a good screen / front ratio. Very similar to what we see today in many terminals and that looks precisely for that visual effect of making the screen more protagonist.

Ms curvature to have less frame

The brand has shared it on his official Twitter account and also the vice president at Weibo, showing a mobile prototype with the new Waterfall screen fully functional A style that per se is not new since Samsung opened the Pandora case with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and seeing curved panels also in current Huawei such as the Huawei P3 Pro or the OnePlus 7 Pro.

In this way, with those 88 degrees The index of curvature is much greater than those we have mentioned, so it promises to make a leap at the level of use of the front. The brand in fact compares it with the OPPO Find X, which according to them reaches 93.8% (87% according to GSM Arena), making it appear that the mobile that integrates this new screen achieve a better relationship.

Oppo Curves 03

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The promise of a visual effect, the doubt of the practical

We will have to see how the interface adapts, since on the one hand there is the percentage of utilization and on the other the useful surface in practice. We saw with the perforated screens that do not always take full advantage of those millimeters of ms, as well as checking that there are no distortions, aberrations and especially accidental touches.

Oppo Curves 02

Anyway, the visual effect seems to be achieved and as they also comment on Xataka Android, in the absence of seeing the definitive mobile and knowing the true dimensions is that the terminal has a somewhat different appearance, giving the impression of being more elongated and narrow and with almost straight corners.

There is also the approach that it is this future terminal that is also responsible for Brand new camera technology under the screen, because it seems too narrow to fit a retractable mechanism like the Find X or the Reno. The brand also showed that advance a few weeks ago, being something different from the bored screen.

As we always say with these things, it is an advance and not something already finished, so we must see how and when they launch it in the form of a finished product and ready for the market. At the moment we do not know the deadline and if it will leave this year or not.

OPPO share shows its latest attempt to achieve the "infinite screen" with Waterfall, a new record-breaking panel