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Nintendo launches its mythical game Dr. Mario World for iOS

The day has come, the boys of Nintendo announced that on July 10 they would launch Mario's new adventure, Dr. Mario World, but against all odds they advanced. And since yesterday afternoon we could download this crazy tetris in which the nice Mario Bros has a leading role. A game that comes first to iOS ahead of Android launch next month.

A mythical game since it is part of the beginnings of the Mario Bros factory of Nintendo, in which we will have to kill all the bacteria of colors sending them medicines, or capsules of color rather. After the jump we tell you more about this new game with which Nintendo wants to continue presence in the mobile devices of the boys of Cupertino.

As you have seen in the promotional video released by Nintendo, the operation of the game is very simple. We will just have to go moving the different capsules that come out to align them in blocks of three with the bacteria of the same color as the capsule. So during 100 levels through different worlds that will increase the difficulty of the game. We can play besides Mario with Peach, Bowser, Koopa, Troopa and Goomba. And best of all, there is a multiplayer mode With which we can challenge our friends, and even help them by sending hearts.

You know, run to download the new Nintendo game, Dr. Mario World, and have fun killing all the bacteria that flood the world of Super Mario Bros. A perfect game for those free time we have during the holidays Of summer. The dead moments are over while we wait for our buses or planes. A game that as we say is gratuitous (with micropayments to complete levels faster) and universal so you can play it through any of your iDevices.

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