Movistar + is updated and now allows users to create and record content

Movistar + is updated and now allows users to create and record content

Movistar It has the largest audiovisual offer that we can have now in Spain, and it brings together the best content of firms such as HBO, FOX, football and much more … However, as often happens on these occasions, Movistar has an application that is a Real headache for its users. In recent months they are taking more note than usual and offering capabilities that they were incomprehensibly not until now. Beyond design, this could be the most relevant Movistar + update to date. Now Movistar + allows you to create different user accounts and looks more and more like Netflix, but it is not the only novelty.

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All the tricks included in Safari in iOS 13 (VIDEO)

You just have to go to the iOS App Store and see that the application has less than two rating stars, and since it is sincere it is disastrous, it does not allow skipping the introductions of the series, the saving system fails, it does not happen automatically chapter and the player locks more than constantly. But nevertheless, every time they are putting more emphasis on the updates and this for example brings news that we should not let go, and is that one of the complaints of users was precisely not being able to differentiate the content seen in the same home, this complaint has come to an end:

  • You can make remote recordings of your content directly from the App, if you click on "Record" you can access that recording whenever you want and however you want.
  • Last 7 Days stores all the content of the television channels included, and you can now access from your iPhone without further problem to yesterday's program or the morning news.
  • You can create up to four different profiles from iOS so that the recommendations and saved chapters correspond to your unique user, so you will not miss anything.

And these are basically What's new in version 6.1.1 of the app in the iOS App Store, although it still has a lot to improve.

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