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It is rumored that the Rainbow Apple logo could return

Apple has never neglected this mythical icon that shows the colors of the rainbow and in this case the rumor appears again in the network as an option for some of the devices that will launch for sale this year. It is not the first time that we see this happening and the multicolored logo that was added in the Apple II of 1977 and in the Macintosh of the year 1984, until 1998 that they stopped being used.

The reality is that many of the events that the company performs, we see how this multicolored logo appears and many think that it could return on some of the devices that is why the rumors about its return generate a great stir in the network. You will have to be patient and see what happens this time, right?

The logo or design of this can be seen in several of the parties that Apple performs as the last one in Apple Park, with a stage covered with these colors, several of its products merchandaising such as t-shirts, key chains or even in Apple Park itself in some places of the enclosure and in several of its keynote. But from this to get to launch on the Mac, iPhone or iPad is a somewhat bigger step.

In any case the logo could be close to appearing again on the iPhone or directly be a rumor that stays in that, a rumor. Personally I think that Apple will not go back in the logos that accompany its devices in the back and that is that in this sense it evolved over the years to the logo of the current apple and going back in is not something that I just finished see, but with Apple you never know … Would you like to see this logo on the devices again?

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