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In a year we will have iPhone without "notch" and with Touch ID

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At least that is what analysts say, which is not that they are infallible. Analysts who control Apple suppliers and their assembly lines ensure that in a couple of years we will have iPhone without notch, and what is more risky, without Face ID.

First there will be a decrease in the size of the notch, then delete it completely and remove the Face ID, Apple's facial recognition system that is now the protagonist of a new advertising campaign, using the Touch ID instead. Will Apple backtrack recovering that technology? The details below.

These estimates come from the hand of Ming-Chi Kuo, already well known to all of us, and China Times, also a source of rumors about Apple with successes and failures almost equally. Not to mess with what each of them says, we can summarize it in the following:

  • 2019: the new iPhone models that are released will have Face ID and will continue with exactly the same notch.
  • 2020: There will be two iPhone models that will have Face ID but the notch will be smaller in size, and there will be a new iPhone model without a notch and with Touch ID integrated under the screen.
  • 2021: The three new iPhone models will change the Face ID for the Touch ID under the screen and will not have a notch.

Will Apple change its new Face ID back to the Touch ID? Being a possibility that a priori seems unlikely, it may happen in favor of a new design and a new Touch ID that little or nothing would have to do with the one that Apple used until the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. This new Touch ID would work across the screen, no matter where we touched, unlike what is happening right now with the fingerprint sensors that some terminals bring integrated under the screen.

To this we should add the possibility of launching a smartphone whose front was completely occupied by the screen, a design that many dream and that has not yet been achieved by any manufacturer. Holes, notch, chin … all phones currently have some "asymmetry" which prevents this completely clean design, and perhaps that would be a sufficient reason for Apple to remove the Face ID from its terminals. Despite these possible reasons, I would not bet on it for now.

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