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How to use 3D Touch mens on iPadOS

Rumors about the disappearance of the 3D Touch system on iPhone are becoming stronger. This means that we can say goodbye to a technology that Apple did not know how to take advantage from the first moment but that millions of users will yearn for. However, the substitute for 3D Touch can already be seen on the betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS. The goal is simple: Open menus with quick actions with a long press. This, although it may seem somewhat confusing, is intended to be a mechanism to expedite the use of these operating systems. After the jump we show you.

iPadOS and iOS 13 show the final goodbye to 3D Touch

Although iOS 13 still has 3D Touch support for some devices such as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, we just have to wait for its other technology called Haptic touch I reached all devices the same way I did with the iPhone XR. Haptic Touch technology is similar to 3D Touch except for one caveat: what is measured is the time we press on the screen and not the pressure exerted as 3D Touch does. This technology is key to understanding the new iPadOS quick action menus.

On the iPad there has never been any of these two technologies, so having these menus is an advance for users of this device. If you have iPadOS installed as a public beta on your iPad only press for a few seconds and immediately release. In case of not releasing, the application icons would start to shake and we would activate the editing mode being able to eliminate or move applications through the dashboard. The content shown in these quick-action menus they are the same that we have on the iPhone with 3D Touch on compatible devices.

In case of not having any function, an action called ?Share application? would appear. But in cases like those of some native applications and many other apps show other actions such as opening documents directly or opening new windows with other content. Over time, developers will realize the importance of an application have quick access shortcuts with quick features to avoid having to go in search of a function that could well be in these new menus of iPadOS.

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