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How to share folders from iCloud Drive on iOS 13 or iPadOS

The Files application has made an important leap in iOS 13. The most important is the one to connect SD cards and USB flash drives To be able to share the information between our device and the applications installed on it. The change in orientation that the iPad has undergone thanks to iPadOS is one of the biggest changes that the iPad has had since the launch of iOS. But also, iOS 13 allows Share entire folders from iCloud Drive and the Files app itself. There are many options to share that we analyze after the jump.

Share folders with people from iCloud Drive and iOS 13 or iPadOS

App Files more advanced. Open, manage and organize documents stored in external memories or servers from the Files app itself.

The first thing we have to do is open the app Records from any of our devices with iOS 13 or with iPadOS. Click on the upper left in "Locations" and select iCloud Drive With this we will enter the iCloud storage cloud itself. It is important to note that we can only share folders created by ourselves and not folders created by applications such as VLC, the entire Apple iWork suite or PDFReader, in my case.

Once inside, we press and hold on the icon of the folder that we want to share and after pressing a few seconds we release so that the quick action menu. We will have the option to copy, duplicate, move, delete, obtain information, label the folder, rename it, mark it as favorites, compress it, fix it on the screen and what interests us most: share.

When we click to share a new menu opens in which at the top we see the name of the folder (we can select several folders and perform the same process previously described). Just below we have the possibility to share it directly using AirDrop and other applications compatible with the extension. At the bottom we find Add People, The most interesting function. When we click on it, we can copy a link that we will send to the people to whom we want to send that folder but that link will have privileges that the previous way of sharing did not have. If we click on ?Share options?, another menu will be displayed where we see:

  • Who has access: if only the people we invite, or anyone with the link
  • Permission: those people can make changes or just read the contents of the folder

We will simply copy the link provided by the Files app and share it with all our friends. This function is practically the same in terms of operation as the way to share files from the entire Google Docs suite.

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