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Google sells twice as many smartphones thanks to the economic version of its Pixel 3

Pixels are clear references in areas such as mobile photography. Our comparison, those s, contrasts with the blind test we did with our readers, but despite this the company He has never managed to turn his smartphones into bestseller.

The thing has improved recently, and He has done it thanks to the Pixel 3a. The economic versions of the Pixel 3 have become a powerful boost for Google, which has sold twice as many terminals compared to the previous quarter.

Having that camera for less is a good idea.

Have access to the Pixel 3 camera but paying a much more affordable price It has undoubtedly been the key argument of this Google proposal.

So much so that the model has convinced many users helped by a broader distribution strategy that according to Sundar Pichai "has greatly diversified our sales capacity in the United States."

Google sells few Pixels for the huge competition, but the Pixel 3a prepare for battle

Google's proposal was not remarkable in many other sections. It wasn't in design or power, for example, but the behavior of your camera is more than enough reason for the purchase for many users, who have made concessions in those other areas to enjoy that photographic experience.

This has caused sales to double (in fact, they have been more than twice as many units) compared to the first quarter of the year, when the Pixel 3a / XL have not yet appeared. Google never gives figures of units sold so it is impossible to know the real relevance of this impact, but of course the momentum in sales has existed.

That has helped Google have a profit of $ 9.9 billion, although the main revenues continue to come from its advertising segment, which has grown by 20%, or its cloud platform, which without being as powerful as Amazon or Microsoft continues to grow at very remarkable rates.

Be that as it may, the news seems to show that if Google strives a little more in its marketing strategy and distribution its sales will increase clearly. It remains to be seen now what the impact of those Pixel 4 is that are coming and that they will abandon that unique sensor with which their phones worked until now.

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