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FamilyCharger is a unique charger for five simultaneous devices

We love batteries, in fact almost batteries seem like something from the last century. However, all this causes some slight problem, especially when charging. We have almost no space in offices and bedside tables for so much equipment in need of your daily dose of electrons.

Elevation Lab has had a great idea that has begun to market a powerful charger with a cable that is capable of charging six devices at once, you imagine? Let's take a look at this curious new product that would take us out of more than a hurry easily.

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What I find difficult to understand is how it has not happened to someone before, there are similar things in the market for some time, but not as effective, powerful and versatile as this, and the reality is that the price is not at all crazy taking into account their capabilities. How could it be otherwise, Elevation Lab has decided that the product name is FamlyCharger, a multi-load system that is not focused on a single type of connections but is versatile thanks to the multiple cable that in turn has several different systems.

These cables are assembled in a single cord, each of the cables is capable of obtaining 2.4A individually, more than enough for a standard load. To do this it uses a power supply of up to 65W, a USB-C cable, a microUSB cable and three Lightning cables, decidedly the most benefited by this issue are precisely the users of iOS. It has other accessories such as ?cable ties? of silicone so that we can put it on the table. The best is the price, $ 50 if we choose only for the multiple cable with USB-A connection, or $ 75 if we choose to add the power supply.

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