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Everything you need to know about the dark mode of iOS 13

We continue testing iOS 13 until exhaustion, and with the passing of the Beta versions more and more news are arriving, however, the theme that we put on the table today and that we accompany with a video of our YouTube channel accompanies iOS 13 since its inception, We talked as you can imagine the acclaimed dark mode which comes in this latest version of iOS for all users.

As usually happens and since nobody is born knowing, it is important that our entire community of readers and subscribers know what are the benefits of the dark mode, and of course how to handle it. We show you everything you need to know about the dark mode of iOS 13 and how to handle it as if you were an expert Join us!

The dark mode in the settings and the Control Center

The main ways to access In the dark mode there are two:

  • Control center: Through the Control Center we can access quickly by lowering it, pressing until 3D action or Haptic Touch is performed on the brightness control and then at the bottom three options will appear: Aspect – Night Shift – True Tone. Prior to iOS 13, only two appeared. By clicking on Aspect we can choose whether or not to activate the dark mode until the next sunrise automatically.
  • Through Settings: If we enter the Settings section and choose Screen and Brightness we will be able to control the advanced options of the dark mode, such as managing a predetermined schedule, choosing to activate or deactivate automatically and manually select between the light mode and the dark mode.

The dark mode on the wallpaper

The wallpaper has now taken a peculiar role thanks to the dark mode. If we enter the Settings section and choose Wallpaper We will also be able to access certain specific settings for the dark mode and how it behaves with the wallpaper.

  • Dim the wallpaper when dark mode is activated: This will activate a more grayed out wallpaper. It must be said that we find two types of wallpapers, the Apple defaults that have their own variation for the dark mode, and a ?standard? edition that comes into action if we have this option activated. This will attenuate the photographs that we have in the background by lowering the exposure and brightness automatically, however, this choice offers unrealistic results that make it undesirable for those users who have their own photographs as wallpaper as it makes them appear Pretty unreal.
  • Apple wallpapers: These wallpapers that we just mentioned a moment ago are the first four that Apple has included in iOS 13 and that change radically when the dark mode is turned on, turning its white tones to be completely black. These wallpapers for now are only those provided by Cupertino's own company and does not look like there is more in the future.

The advantages of having the dark mode activated

Especially some Android users have the belief that the dark mode is not only more enjoyable depending on what situations, but also save battery. This is a reality, but with nuances. The dark mode is only capable of assuming some battery savings when we talk about devices that mount OLED or AMOLED screens, and these are not exactly the most abundant in the market. Yes, it is capable of producing a certain battery saving having the dark mode activated permanently, but as long as we have this little detail in mind.

Therefore, the dark mode will only save battery life on the iPhone X and iPhone XS since the iPhone XR or the previous models have LCD screens that do not turn off individual pixels (they are backlit) and therefore the battery consumption will be practically the same despite the wide range of contrast that the Liquid Retina has.

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