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Definitive guide with the best tricks of iOS 13

We continue with our delivery of definitive guides so you can handle iOS 13 as a true expert wherever you go, and of course get the most out of your iPhone it deserves. The launch of iOS 13 is scheduled for the second half of September and this is a good time to prepare for all these new developments that are coming.

Although the news may seem few due to the poor redesign of the operating system, the reality is that iOS 13 hides inside a size of news that you should know. So that, Discover with us what are the best tricks to handle iOS 13 as an expert and squeeze every second of your iPhone.

The first thing is to remind you that this definitive guide has been released in several installments, we leave you the first guide in THIS LINK so you can also see what are the tricks we have at the time and so do not miss absolutely none. I am absolutely sure that you want to know each and every one of them.

How to adjust the duration of the touch in 3D Touch or Haptic Touch

As we have said in other deliveries of the guide, 3D Touch and Haptic Touch seem doomed to live in harmony, Haptic Touch is a good alternative for those who do not have devices that work with the hardware that makes 3D Touch possible, however, the reality is that when you have tried 3D Touch you realize that while Haptic Touch does the job, It is not as accurate and intuitive as 3D Touch. Be that as it may, Apple wants both systems to live together in harmony, and therefore has added adjustments that make our experience easier.

The first functionality is to adjust the duration of touch that is necessary for Haptic Touch functions and conceptual menus to be activated, whether we exert more pressure (3D Touch) or not. To do this we will simply go to Settings> Accessibility> 3D Touch and haptic response> Duration of the touch and we will be able to choose between ?short? and ?long? To adjust it to our liking.

How to download files from Safari

Safari is one of the applications that has benefited most from this renewal of iOS 13, An example is that Safari until now did not have a download manager, that is, we could not download absolutely anything through Safari unless we used the ?Share?? menu with any other application, but definitely not in the storage memory of our iPhone. We talked in the past because if iOS 13 has a star function, it is definitely this.

Now Safari will allow us to download any type of external content directly to the storage of our iPhone using the file explorer integrated in iOS 13. To download any type of content we must simply open the Haptic Touch or 3D Touch menu in any link that We want Safari and it contains downloadable content, then a new download function will appear. If it still doesn't appear, simply click on the link and in the context menu choose "Save to Files".

How to rotate and edit videos

Now Apple has greatly improved the photo editor, However, in essence what he has done is to add a good battle of functionalities to the editor that already existed and that we can use in a totally intuitive way. What was not so usual was the possibility of editing videos directly from the iOS gallery and now with the arrival of iOS 13 it is possible. We will be able to perform many actions to adjust the videos, including rotating the video.

It may seem obvious, but rotating a video and editing it was impossible from the iOS gallery. To rotate and edit a video simply We have to go to the iOS Photos application, choose the video in question and in the upper right we find the "Edit" button. When we press it, the menu of functionalities between the different settings, filters, and of course the button to rotate the video and orient it according to our tastes and needs, opens up. Apple has not been able to make it easier for us.

How to select a photo and name for Messages

Messages is the eternal forgotten iOS, and not precisely because Apple does not put much effort into making the application progress, however outside the United States of America and the United Kingdom its use is practically residual, and that is because in these countries SMS sending has been free for quite some time, while in the rest we used internet-connected systems like the one offered by WhatsApp or FB Messenger. Be that as it may, Messages is a useful and fairly complete application that grows with every iOS update.

In the case of the arrival of iOS 13 Apple has wanted to give some more personality to Messages and make it seem more what it is, an instant messaging application. To do this, Messages now allows us to configure a photo and username that we share with our contacts. To do this we enter Messages, click on the button (…) in the upper right corner and choose the option "Edit name and photo …". This is where we will be able to choose which is our personal photograph and our username of Messages, as we would do for example in WhatsApp. Later in the Settings section if we select Messages we will be able to choose with which users we share our profile picture … what will be the following, Apple Stories?

We hope this second part of the definitive guide of tricks for expert users of iOS 13 has helped you, with this we pretend that you can know in depth how your iPhone works and so you can get the most out of a device with these characteristics. If you have any doubt, know more tricks or just have something to say, remember to use the comment box.

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