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Copy your data directly from your old iphone to the new one.

Copy your data directly from the old iphone to the new one

Now with iOS 12.4 you can directly transfer your data from the old iphone to the new one.

Finally, after a period of testing, you can now update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS: 12.4. This will be the last update of iOS 12, before the arrival in September of the expected iOS 13.

The most outstanding novelty of this improvement focuses on the new mobile to mobile data transfer system. If you buy a new terminal, passing all the data is now much easier.

Apple has always been concerned that the start of a new device is as simple as possible. We are already checking with Apple Watch, Apple TV, etc., where you should only have your iPhone nearby when you first start one of these devices, so that your data is automatically transferred (Apple id, passwords, wifi, etc.) to Your new gadget with the apple.

Until now, when you changed terminals, you backed up on icloud or on your computer using iTunes, and you restored that copy to your new terminal. A simple and safe job, but you needed to have space available in the cloud or from a computer for that transfer. With this new improvement, all this is no longer necessary. Simply launch your new phone with the old one nearby, and the system will detect your old iPhone wirelessly. If you want, connect the two devices using the lightning cable and such transmission will no longer be via bluetooth or direct WIFI, but by cable. Obviously, it will ask you for the password of your Apple id in the new terminal, configure the access code, and if you want, Face ID or Touch ID depending on the model.

From here, you have the option to transfer your data from icloud, or use the new direct transfer option. You no longer need to have a copy in the cloud, (although it is highly recommended to make a daily one, automatically) or to mess with your computer. All your photos, applications, documents, passwords and settings will have them in your new terminal exactly the same as in the old one. It's that simple.

It should be noted that this transfer does not include all the volume of data occupied by the applications. Only the application header is transferred. Once the new mobile is operational, automatically install the applications you had on your old iPhone from Apple Store.

The only downside is that you need both terminals to be updated to iOS 12.4. In the old mobile there will be no problem, you will worry about having it up to date, but in the new terminal, until the end of August Apple does not assure you that the new phones already come with this update.

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