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Bill Gates regrets that "Microsoft was not what Android is"

One contemplates technological evolution and, of course, is surprised to see how Microsoft lost such important battles. The company that dominated it arrived late to the internet revolution – although it has regained a lot of ground thanks mainly to Azure – and I absolutely lost the battle of smartphones.

That is apparently the greatest regret of Bill Gates, who in a recent interview explained that for him His biggest mistake was not turning Microsoft into what Android is currently.

A revolution that almost nobody knew in time

When Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White created Android in 2003 they did it with a curious idea: consider it as an operating system for digital cameras. Shortly after they changed course and at the end of 2004 they were already transforming it into a rival of Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Htc 1 The HTC Dream, presented in 2008, was the first Android-based mobile.

Microsoft didn't seem too worried about that segment, and neither were others like Nokia or BlackBerry. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the revolution was being prepared. Google made a surprise announcement and bought Android, then absolutely unknown, for a price of laughter: 50 million dollars.

HTC and its four mistakes: the erratic trajectory from the top of a manufacturer touched, but not sunk

The rest, as they say, is history. Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 and Google took a little longer to join the revolution: it will not launch the HTC Dream (or T-Mobile G1) until September 2008. Those who dominated the market did not understand what was coming and ended up in the irrelevance but Microsoft s tried to recompose its steps.

An error of 400,000 million dollars

He did not succeed, and his efforts with Windows Mobile, Windows Phone (with shadows but also some lights) and Windows 10 – Nokia's purchase included – ended up failing in a resounding way. Today Microsoft is present in the market thanks to its services and applications for Android and iOS, but his role is not at all protagonist, and that is something that seems to hurt especially Bill Gates.

Gates confirmed it in an event for venture capital investors in which make the following comment (you can see it on video around 11:45):

"The biggest mistake of all time was whatever it was that it turned out to be bad management on my part and that caused Microsoft to not be what Android is. That is, Android is the de facto telephone platform – which is not Apple- It was natural for Microsoft to win. "

Microsoft, Windows Phone and withdrawals on time

The Microsoft co-creator went further and quantified that error. For him there was only room for an operating system other than Apple's. "What value does that have?" He asked himself. "400,000 million dollars transferred from company G to company M"he answered next.

That estimate of the value of Android in the market is striking, but it certainly demonstrates how much Microsoft lost by not being what Android has become. Curious, by the way, that he did not pronounce the name of Google in that last sentence, something that caused the audience to laugh. That mistake, whatever it is, sure it doesn't make anyone laugh at Microsoft.

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