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Apple wants to have its 5G modems on some devices by 2021

The iPhone XI that will be released this year, we can ensure that it will not be compatible with the new 5G band, as it will continue to mount the current Intel 4G modem. By 2020, it is expected that future iPhone already incorporate a 5G transmission chip, manufactured by Qualcomm. Reuters predicts that, a year later, in the 2021 Apple will already have its own modem ready with 5G technology. With this purchase, Tim Cook advances the launch of its own 5G modem for three or four years, since they were currently quite ?green? in the development of this new technology, and did not venture to set a launch time before 2025.

That within two years Apple already has its 5G chip, it does not mean that it starts to mount them on all its devices. As your products will already be marketed with high-speed connection, there will be no “commercial” rush in the face of the user, but the change will be internal, to stop assembling the Qualcomm chips and start with your own. Presumably they will start implementing them in the most economical series of the iPhone, or even that they start production with some iPad 5G.

The contract signed with Qualcomm for modems supply ends within six years, so Apple has plenty of time to finish designing its own 5G modem, and gradually implement it across the entire range of its devices.

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