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Amazon plans to launch a new Echo that competes with HomePod in sound quality

HomePod - Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo in its different versions is gradually spreading around the houses around the world, but despite the fact that its sales are good, the company sees how some speakers like the HomePod, the Sonos speaker range or the Google Home Max, with lower sales they are eating some land.

Once you have filled the smart speaker market, now you want to launch one that in addition to incorporating Alexa and all its virtues, can compete in terms of sound quality, with the aim that users looking for good audio also have Amazon Echo in their list of possible.

The HomePod has set the bar very high in terms of sound quality. Its closed ecosystem limits the market it is targeting, basically Apple users that use its services, and this means that its sales cannot be the ones that have other smart speakers like Amazon's Echo, much more open and aimed at a much larger user base. Nor can we forget its price, higher than the competition. But it is the goal of those who being Apple users want something where the sound quality is prime, being one of the most interesting speakers in terms of this aspect, even by price.

Sonos, with its Sonos One or Sonos Beam, offers speakers with integrated Alexa and a sound quality far superior to the Amazon Echo. Even Google has its Google Home Max, a smart speaker with superior sound quality. Amazon wants to reverse this situation and Therefore, it is planned to launch in 2020 a loudspeaker with superior sound quality, comparable to the HomePod, of course with integrated Alexa. We do not know price and availability, but after several years in this market, the experience in this safe market is useful to achieve a balanced product in quality and price.

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