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Comparison between the camera of the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6

iPhone6 ??vs S6

With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6, comparisons with the apple phone did not take long. Something logical, taking into account the inspiration on which Samsung has based when designing certain sections of your device compared to the iPhone.

But now things go further, leaving aside the purely aesthetic and giving rise to the confrontation of the great flagships of each manufacturer. Samsung is undoubtedly the one that has sounded this year. Or, at least, he is the one who has dared to put more meat on the grill, taking a considerable leap between the previous generation of the Galaxy S compared to the current one.

The camera, along with performance, becomes one of the main factors when it comes to differentiating one terminal with another. In this case, the technical differences between the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 are remarkable. On the one hand, the Samsung terminal has a camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels, compared to 8 on the iPhone, with a 1.9 focal length aperture, compared to 2.2 for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Until then, the iPhone 6 Plus camera of a higher range than the iPhone 6 has managed to rise as the best camera on smartphones: ultra-fast focus, image stabilizer and exceptional auto behavior.

According to what they comment from the Danish portal Mobilsiden, both cameras are experts in terms of the exposure of the image, acting quickly and intelligently, giving spectacular results. However, they point out that the iPhone 6 Plus camera tends to overexpose when the light fades, making the Galaxy S6 behave in a much more correct and dynamic way, not creating white spots when facing the sun.

However, We leave you a few images so that you can judge yourselves. In all the examples, the image above corresponds to the iPhone 6 Plus; the lower one, to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

iPhone 6 - Galaxy S6 - 1

There is no doubt that the leap in quality that Samsung has made is very important. Especially because it has left saturated colors in its images, as it was seen in the cameras used in its previous flagships. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 you win in realistic colors, something that many will appreciate. Likewise, the iPhone 6 behaves great in this regard, so that both terminals respect the fidelity of colors in different lighting conditions.

The only handicap is that, apparently, Samsung tends sepia colors very slightly in automatic white balance, compared to the iPhone. Still, Samsung wins, as we mentioned earlier, in contrast in broad daylight, where the iPhone tends to yellowish colors.

iPhone 6 - Galaxy S6 - 2

As for the definition and sharpness section, both have a remarkable result. They sweep away the competition without a doubt. While Samsung excels greatly in low light situations, The iPhone also behaves efficiently, but thanks to the Galaxy S6's 1.9 focal length, it absorbs more light and more megapixels. the photos achieve a higher degree of sharpness.

iPhone 6 - Galaxy S6 - 3

What do you think? Does that seem like a noticeable difference to you? Which camera do you think is best?

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