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The Samsung Galaxy A71 coming soon with the Exynos 980 and 5G support

Galaxy A70s

Samsung has not been seen very well stopped in the Chinese market. There its market share is relatively low, compared to that of other smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi. Although in the global market it continues to position itself as the firm that makes the most smartphone shipments, it has gradually lost its presence among consumers in that country, and that is due to the not-very-good value for money of many of your devices.

It is clear that the South Korean plans to resolve its current predicament in China, and one of the following terminals that will help it – it is expected – is the Galaxy A71 5G, a mid-range mobile that is anticipated with the Exynos 980 processor and support for 5G networks. The price of it would be one of its strengths and, therefore, it is expected to be a success in China, but not only there, but also in the other markets in which it will be offered.

Samsung's Galaxy A series has been very well received globally. This has had a very good impact on the company's income, which has projected good forecasts in the segment, despite the fact that smartphone sales have suffered a slight decline lately, despite the fact that the opposite was reported in a recent development.

Samsung Galaxy A70s

The Samsung Galaxy A71 will be launching soon, according to the latest reports that indicates so. This will be a terminal that comes with the eight-core Exynos 980 chipset that offers mid-range performance. In terms of connectivity, to follow the new trend that more and more is gaining strength, it will offer support for 5G networks.

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It is not known exactly when the launch event of this model will take place, but surely in the coming days or weeks we will be receiving official information about it.